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Kyaikhtiyo & Its environs


The famous legendary Pagoda on the Golden Rock about 160 Km from Yangon and 11 km of hiking from the base camp at Kyaikhtiyo. Visitors can also go by car up to a point about a mile away from the Pagoda. This pagoda is situated on a rocky mountain 3615 ft above sea level. The Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is one of the most ancient and celebrated of all pagodas in Myanmar. It is situated in the vicinity of Kyaikhtiyo Township, Thaton district. The pagoda is said to have been built during the life-time of the Buddha over 2400 years ago.

Mawlamyine (Moulmeine)

Mawlamyine, a charming town, is the capital of Mon State, situated at the mouth of the Thanlwin River. Located 28 miles from the sea, it is the second busiest seaport & third largest city in Myanmar. Rail and motor road from Yangon via Bago ends at Moketama (Martaban Gulf) 169 miles and then ferry across by launch. The railroad continues south up to Ye terminal (90 miles), but the motor road continues up to Myeik (Mergui). Air flight from Yangon, sea-going vessels, coastal boats and inland-river crafts ply up & down. Visitors to Mawlamyine are simply enchanted at the scenic beauty and it's temperate climate. The atmosphere of post-colonial decay is still palpable here. It's also an attractive and tropical town with a ride of stupa-capped hills on one side and the sea on the others.

Kyaikkami Yele Pagoda

It is located 24 km northeast of Thanbyuzayat and was a small-coasted area and missionary centre known as Amherst during the British annexation. The focus of Kyaik Kami is Yele Pagoda. It is a metal roofed Buddhist shrine complex perched over the sea and reached through a long two-level causeway; the lower level is submerged during high tide. The shrine chamber beneath Yele Pagoda contains sacred hairs of the Buddha.




Located 24km southeast of Mawlamyine. The famous of the town is Kyaikmaraw Pagoda. The main Buddha image sits in the position of the legs hanging down as if sitting on a chair.


About 60 kilometers south of Mawlamyine, at Thanbyuzayat, there is a large, well-maintained war cemetery. The war cemetery is meticulously maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and contains the graves of some 3771 Known and (154 unknown) victims of the construction of the infamous World War II Burma-Thailand railway.




Gaungse Kyun (Head Wash Island)

This beautiful little islet off Mawlamyine's northwestern end is a good picnic spot. The islet was named Head Wash Island because the yearly royal hair washing ceremony during the Inwa (Ava) period, used the water taken from a spring on the island. You can take a stroll around and visit the Sandawshin pagoda, a whitewash and silver pagoda enshrining hair relics of the Buddha, and a Buddhist meditation centre by the pagoda.








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