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Shan State & Its environs


Shan state is the largest of all states in Myanmar. The average height is 4000 ft above sea level the climate is cool all the year round. It has an area of 15580 sq km and the population is roughly over five million. Historically, Shan is descended from two groups: Mon-Khmer group and Thai-Chinese group. There are 34 tribes in Shan such as Danu, Palaung, Pa Oh, Wa, Taung Yoe, Intha, Lahu, Ahkha and so on.. Each tribe has its own dialects and customs. Shan call themselves "Tai" which means "brightness".


Capital of the northern Shan State, major settlement is Shan and Chinese bordering with Yunan province of China. The famous Burma Road built by the British before the War, interests with Ledo Road leading into the Yunnan province. The highlight about this trip is to enjoy the most spectaculars scenic views of the Shan plateau traveling one way by winding road with elbow crossing hilly drive and the other way by train with twisting and turning hilly trek. Crossing over historic Gokehtaik viaduct will be an unforgettable experience.


Muse, a small town on the banks of the Shweli River, is the main border gateway between Myanmar and Yunnan Province (China). Located 190 km from Lashio, it is a bustling trading center, Muse Motel has modern facilities. Namkham and Kyukoke are nearby border towns.

Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong is known for its scenic beauty and many colorful ethnic tribes. Situated in the eastern Shan State and 452 km from Taunggyi and 176km from Tachileik. Places of interest around Kyaingtong are the Spa, Naung Tong Lake, Sunn Taung Monastery, Central market and Traditional Lacquer ware works and weaving factory. There are many villages of various ethnic tribes resided around Kyaing Tong. The tribes known as Gon, Lwe, Li, Wa, Lah Hu, Thai Nay, Shan, Li Shaw, Li Su, Palaung, Akha, and we can only differentiate the tribes by colourful dresses, which is different to one another. Can observe their tribal dances and their way of living on these mountainous regions around Kyaing Tong.


Located on the Myanmar - Thai border in the eastern Shan State is being upgraded as a gateway to the heart of the Golden Triangle. The Friendship Bridge across the small Mae Sai stream links Tachileik with the northern Thai border town of Mae Sai. The area is currently being developed for tourism and cross-border trade with Laos, Thailand and China. One can fly directly from Yangon to Tachileik in an hour. There is a ferry-landing site at Wanpon port on the Mekong River at the Myanmar - Laos border, 29km from Tachileik. The port also handles goods shipments to and from Thailand and China. Work is under way to develop to town as an exchange center for trading goods.








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